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FatSecret Platform

The FatSecret Platform provides an open structured foundation for accessing and distributing relevant and reliable nutrition and related product information. The FatSecret Platform is available for online publishers, developers and brand owners seeking to provide high quality solutions that help consumers make informed choices.

There are currently two core features to the FatSecret Platform, a free and open API for developers and publishers to access and utilize nutrition and related product data ("FatSecret Platform API") and a set of tools for food and beverage brand owners to easily submit, manage and share information about their products ("FatSecret Brand Tools").

The FatSecret Platform API facilitates the development of practical and innovative nutrition and lifestyle solutions for websites, web-based and desktop applications and for all types of consumer devices. Simultaneously, FatSecret Brand Tools enables brand owners, whether a restaurant chain or global brand and regardless of their size or geography, to submit, manage and share nutrition and related information about their products via the Fatsecret Platform API.

The FatSecret Platform
FatSecret Brand Tools
Food and Beverage
Brand Owners

No matter your size or location, food and beverage brand owners and retailers can freely use FatSecret Brand Tools to submit, manage and share nutrition and related information about their products with consumers. By making trusted product information truly accessible, FatSecret Brand Tools provide a great distribution opportunity for your products.

Using FatSecret Brand Tools, you can easily communicate with your existing and potential customers and give them the information they want about your products – nutrition facts and ingredients, recipe and meal ideas, health warnings and product location.

FatSecret Brand Tools have been developed with the practicalities of sophisticated brand owners in mind and are simple to get started, use and update and can be customized to support a range of uses.

FatSecret Platform API
Web Publishers
and Content Creators

The FatSecret Platform API provides access to a quality database of nutrition, exercise and diet information and a proprietary technology platform together with full access to data from FatSecret Brand Tools. The FatSecret Platform API is free to use and permits commercial use.

Using the FatSecret Platform API, developers and content publishers can incorporate accurate and reliable nutrition and related data to build powerful and innovative nutrition, diet and lifestyle related products and services on a range of platforms.

The open and collaborative approach reflected in the Fatsecret Platform API ensures the data is accessible and can be harnessed creatively and consumed widely, to the benefit of all.

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