FatSecret Platform API

Welcome to the FatSecret Platform API

Welcome to the FatSecret Platform API, a set of open and structured standards to access the FatSecret Platform and support the building of applications. We are thrilled you've taken the time to check it out and can't wait to see what you'll develop.

The FatSecret Platform API provides you with full access to a comprehensive database of accurate food and nutrition information as well as an extensive range of exercise and weight management tools. By using the FatSecret Platform API you have a great opportunity to enhance user engagement in your content or for your product or service.

Perhaps best of all, the FatSecret Platform API fully syncs with another key feature of the FatSecret Platform, FatSecret Brand Tools, a set of standardized easy to use tools for owners of branded food and beverage products to submit, manage and share nutrition and related product information. So where available, the FatSecret Platform API will access verified product information directly from the owner of the relevant brand.

The FatSecret Platform API is free and allows commercial use. All that's required from you is that your application is generally accessible to users and that you comply with the FatSecret Platform API Attribution Policy.

If you operate an enterprise or commercial website, you may also be interested in FatSecret Platform API Premier which may better suit your needs.

The FatSecret Platform API consists of two key components a JavaScript library and a REST API.

The JavaScript library provides a quick and simple mechanism for website owners to incorporate a range of food, exercise and dieting capabilities into their website. It's as easy as adding a single line of JavaScript to your web pages to get a full, integrated application working for your site, together with a variety of functions and utilities for configuring and adjusting style, layout and presentation of the application.

The REST API can be used in conjunction with the JavaScript libraries to provide additional customization to enable deep and seamless 3rd party integration with an existing user or member profile database. Alternatively the REST API can be used to build tailored and innovative food, exercise and diet products and services on any platform including websites, desktop applications, web-based applications and all types of consumer devices such as smart phones.

The possibilities for using and integrating the FatSecret Platform API are endless, including:

  • providing food search and results
  • undertaking meal and recipe nutritional analysis and meal planning
  • maintaining complete food and/or exercise diaries for a diet program
  • weight and exercise tracking
  • and much more to come

To start using the FatSecret Platform API:

  • Browse the JavaScript API or REST API documentation.
  • Register for a FatSecret Platform API account.
  • Sign up for an API key.
  • Find resources such as tools and code libraries.

For businesses that need advanced features, unlimited calls, implementation and customization services and enhanced support including SLAs, we offer FatSecret Platform API Premier which delivers additional functionality that is ideal for health, diet and nutrition businesses.

The FatSecret Platform API is new and we're iterating as fast and smartly as we can. We're very keen to get your feedback, to assist with any issues and hear your ideas for new features. Please use the forums to let us know what you're thinking and we'll do our best to get back to you and keep you informed.

The FatSecret Platform team