FatSecret Brand Tools

About FatSecret Brand Tools

FatSecret Brand Tools are a set of tools to assist organizations submit, manage and share nutrition and related information about their products, and to make that information accessible to consumers via the FatSecret Platform. FatSecret Brand Tools are available and free for all food and beverage brand owners, big and small, from consumer brands to restaurant chains and private label supermarkets, anywhere in the world to use.

FatSecret Brand Tools give you the opportunity to easily put your product information online and make it discoverable. FatSecret Brand Tools are easy to use, yet powerful tools for capturing, organizing and distributing nutrition and related product information and are being iterated to make it more useful for brand owners, so we welcome your feedback.

A fundamental principle of FatSecret Brand Tools is that nutrition and related product information that brand owners choose to publish will be freely accessible to everyone and this is facilitated by the open and free FatSecret Platform API, also part of the FatSecret Platform. We are confident that as an owner of branded products, you will appreciate the ease of submitting and managing already available data and the value to you (and your customers!) from making available accurate information about your products via FatSecret Brand Tools. The most common things that customers want to know about your products are made available to them through Brand Tools – nutrition facts and ingredients, recipe and meal ideas, health warnings and product location – so why not participate, support existing customers and expand your brand.

FatSecret Brand Tools have been built and structured with the needs and practicalities of both small and large businesses in mind and incorporate organization friendly features so it's easy to get started, use and update which you can customize to your organizations brand and product hierarchy. These features include:

  • Support for multiple brands, products and geographies
  • Account verification
  • Role based authentication and security measures
  • Fine grained control over information publishing
  • Versioning and historical data preservation
  • Audit history to ensure data integrity and accountability
  • Data import facility, including scheduled and manual batch uploads
  • Bi-directional capability for internal use and approved 3rd parties

Both FatSecret Brand Tools Terms of Use and the FatSecret Platform API Terms of Use contain provisions to satisfy your requirements to participate in the FatSecret Brand Tools, including terms covering intellectual property rights, health related information and the accuracy of information.

We are especially pleased that FatSecret Brand Tools fully sync with the FatSecret Platform API. This means that developers and content publishers can seamlessly access and incorporate shared information from FatSecret Brand Tools as they build powerful and innovative food and nutrition related products and services on a range of platforms. Information published through FatSecret Brand Tools may therefore be consumed by websites, desktop applications, web-based applications and all types of consumer devices such as smart phones.

We encourage you to register and trust you'll see the benefits from using FatSecret Brand Tools. For more information about FatSecret Brand Tools please review the FAQ and if interested you can register for an account to get started straight away. In order to publish information you will need to verify your account which you can do from within FatSecret Brand Tools.

FatSecret Brand Tools - part of the FatSecret Platform