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Choose from our Premier Edition, designed for customers looking for global food data and recipes, or our Basic Edition, perfect for those seeking limited and free access. The FatSecret Platform API has the right solution to fit your needs.



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Fee Free (self sign up) Free (verification required) Upon request
Based on market access
API Limits 5,000 API calls/day Unlimited Unlimited
Datasets US Only US Only More than 56 Countries
Highest quality search capability
Build your own custom food
and exercise tracker
Complete food and/or exercise diaries
and weight tracking for diet programs
Recipe/meal builder and nutritional
 analysis capability
FatSecret attribution
(Attribution Policy)
White label without attribution
Regional Datasets US Only US Only Access more than 56 local and unique data sets
Languages English English 24 languages for any data set
Support Community Community Email, phone and video-chat
UPC Barcode Scanning
Advanced food and brand categorization,
recipe and nutrition capabilities
Allergens and Dietary Preferences**
Food images**
Auto-complete functionality
Global recipe database with images,
directions, ingredients and nutritional
Request database addition
(manual and in bulk)
Service level agreement (SLA)
incl. Support, Guaranteed
Uptime and Service Level Credits

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a "Premier Free" tier for start-ups/non-profits/students which provides access to our US dataset as well as all other premium features, while attribution is required. The following companies/groups/organizations are eligible:
  • Start-ups meaning a company earning less than US$1 million in annual revenue and having raised less than US$1 million in funding
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Students / Student research groups
Please click here and provide the required information
Pricing is based on the number of markets you would like to access since food and nutrition data is structured on a per-country basis given local cuisine, brands, supermarkets and restaurants are primarily country-specific. We do not provide volume pricing per API calls.

For more information, please get in touch.
Please consult with our dedicated developer forum here.

We recommend using Postman to get started
For start-ups, non-profits and students, we offer a free Premier tier which includes access to all Premier API capabilities and our US dataset while attribution is required. Access to non-US datasets for those meeting eligibility requirements can be provided at a discount. Please get in touch with us.
As part of our FatSecret Basic as well as the Premier Free tier, attribution is required. There is no attribution required for Premier API customers.
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