About Us

FatSecret was founded in 2007 with the mission to empower people to make healthy food and nutrition habits for life.

Because everyone deserves to live their best life possible


We initially started building consumer facing websites and later mobile apps to help people keep track of their dietary intake, exercise and weight to achieve their nutrition and weight loss goals by utilizing intuitive and easy-to-use tools.

While expanding our reach across the globe, we were constantly faced with the same problem of not being able to access reliable and verified nutrition information which is why we developed processes and systems to collect, structure, verify, update and store nutrition content globally. This would later allow us to curate and make available verified food and nutrition data through our dedicated food and nutrition API offering.

Where we are now

With over 17 years of industry experience and a team of 30+ dedicated dietitians, nutritionists, developers, content managers and data and analytics specialists, FatSecret created the FatSecret Platform which includes the FatSecret Platform API and FatSecret Brand Tools.

With more than 35,000 developers utilizing the service, the FatSecret Platform API has grown to become the leading provider of verified food and nutrition data globally through our API to health related programs, mobile apps/web services and integrated fitness devices.

Our food and nutrition API is available in 24 languages for more than 56 countries covering generic foods, branded and supermarket products as well as restaurant items and recipes.

We work closely with more than 150 corporate and multinational customers as well as Universities, government agencies, research institutes and medical associations while also supporting the efforts of independent developers, researchers, start-ups and the non-profit sector.

Meet the Executive Team

Profile photo of CEO of FatSecret - Lenny Moses
Lenny Moses

Chief Executive Officer

Lenny believes in working with smart, dedicated and determined people to build products and services that customers love and to maintain energy to keep improving.

Profile photo of VP of Business Development - Sebastian Loch
Sebastian Loch

VP Business Development

Sebastian has a passion for building scalable, consumer-facing health applications and products. He loves the ongoing challenges that come with working in a continuously and fast changing environment.

Profile photo of CTO of FatSecret - Ran Dulberg
Ran Dulberg

Chief Technology Officer

Ran is a passionate CTO who loves technology and innovation. He is always looking for new ways to solve problems, improve products, and create value for FatSecret customers.


Unlock Accurate Food and Nutrition Data for Your App

Join FatSecret Platform API's community of established and upcoming health, nutrition and food apps as well as IoT devices and start providing your users with the most diverse, verified and up-to-date food and nutrition information available.


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