FatSecret Brand Tools
Enables brand owners, whether a restaurant chain or global brand and regardless of their size or geography, to submit, manage and share nutrition and related information about their products via the FatSecret Platform API.
Food and Beverage Brands
Free to use, no matter your size or location
Submit, manage and share nutrition and related information about your products
Communicate easily with existing and potential customers
Make verified product information truly accessible:
Nutrition facts and ingredients
Product location
Health warnings
Developed for sophisticated brand managers:
Simple to get started, user and update
Customizable to support a range of uses
FatSecret Platform API
Lets you develop innovative diet, nutrition and health solutions when incorporating data into customer facing mobile apps, websites, devices and complementary products and services.
Developers, Apps, Websites and Devices
Free to use, with commercial use permitted
Access the world's largest and highest quality database of food and nutrition data
Common foods
Brands and packaged foods
Restaurant foods
Integrate verified food and nutrition data into health related mobile apps, services and devices
Advanced API capabilities
Localized foods and brands for all languages and regions
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FatSecret Platform API

FatSecret Brand Tools

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