FatSecret Platform API Documentation


Localization is a premium feature only made available to select accounts for specific languages and regions. Accounts with access to this feature are able to nominate locale information when executing particular REST API methods.

Responses for these methods are localized by specifying an additional parameter named region. While each region has a default language, unique combinations of region and language can be achieved by adding a further parameter named language.

Thus the options for localizing responses are as follows:

  1. Specify neither region nor language:
    The response will default to the "US" (United States) region and "en" (English) language.
  2. Specify the region only:
    The response will be in the nominated region, using the region's default language.
    For instance, if the region "NL" (Netherlands) is specified, the language will default to "nl" (Dutch).
  3. Specify both the region and language:
    The response will be in the nominated region and the nominated language.

Note: The language parameter is ignored unless region is also specified.

region String Optional Results will be filtered by region. E.G.: "FR" returns results from France
language String Optional (Ignored unless region is also specified) Results will be in the specified language. E.G.: "fr" returns results in French
Complete List of Regions
AF Afghanistan English
AL Albania English
DZ Algeria Arabic
AS American Samoa English
AD Andorra English
AO Angola Portuguese
AG Antigua and Barbuda English
AR Argentina Spanish
AM Armenia English
AW Aruba English
AU Australia English (Regional)
AT Austria German
AZ Azerbaijan English
BS Bahamas English
BH Bahrain Arabic
BD Bangladesh English
BB Barbados English
BY Belarus Russian
BE Belgium Dutch
BZ Belize English
BJ Benin English
BM Bermuda English
BT Bhutan English
BO Bolivia Spanish
BA Bosnia and Herzegovina English
BW Botswana English
BR Brazil Portuguese
BN Brunei Darussalam English
BG Bulgaria English
BF Burkina Faso French
BI Burundi English
KH Cambodia English
CM Cameroon French
CA Canada English (Canada)
CV Cape Verde English
KY Cayman Islands English
CF Central African Republic English
TD Chad Arabic
CL Chile Spanish
CN China Chinese
CO Colombia Spanish
KM Comoros English
CG Congo English
CR Costa Rica Spanish
HR Croatia English
CU Cuba English
CY Cyprus English
CZ Czech Republic English
CD Democratic Republic of the Congo French
DK Denmark Danish
DJ Djibouti English
DM Dominica English
DO Dominican Republic Spanish
EC Ecuador Spanish
EG Egypt Arabic
SV El Salvador Spanish
GQ Equatorial Guinea Spanish
ER Eritrea Arabic
EE Estonia English
ET Ethiopia English
FO Faroe Islands English
FJ Fiji English
FI Finland Finnish
FR France French
GF French Guiana English
PF French Polynesia English
GA Gabon English
GM Gambia English
GE Georgia English
DE Germany German
GH Ghana English (Regional)
GR Greece English
GL Greenland English
GD Grenada English
GP Guadeloupe English
GU Guam English
GT Guatemala Spanish
GG Guernsey English
GN Guinea French
GW Guinea-Bissau English
GY Guyana English
HT Haiti English
HN Honduras Spanish
HK Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional)
HU Hungary English
IS Iceland English
IN India English (Regional)
ID Indonesia Indonesian
IE Ireland English (Regional)
IM Isle of Man English
IL Israel English
IT Italy Italian
CI Ivory Coast French
JM Jamaica English
JP Japan Japanese
JE Jersey English
JO Jordan Arabic
KZ Kazakhstan Russian
KE Kenya English (Regional)
KI Kiribati English
KR Korea Korean
KW Kuwait Arabic
KG Kyrgyzstan English
LA Laos English
LV Latvia English
LB Lebanon Arabic
LS Lesotho English
LR Liberia English
LY Libya Arabic
LI Liechtenstein English
LT Lithuania English
LU Luxembourg English
MO Macau Chinese (Traditional)
MK Macedonia English
MG Madagascar French
MW Malawi English (Regional)
MY Malaysia English
MV Maldives English
ML Mali French
MT Malta English
MH Marshall Islands English
MQ Martinique English
MR Mauritania English
MU Mauritius English
YT Mayotte English
MX Mexico Spanish
FM Micronesia English
MD Moldova English
MC Monaco English
MN Mongolia English
ME Montenegro English
MA Morocco Arabic
MZ Mozambique Portuguese
MM Myanmar English
XX N/A English (Canada)
NA Namibia English
NP Nepal English
NL Netherlands Dutch
AN Netherlands Antilles English
NC New Caledonia English
NZ New Zealand English (Regional)
NI Nicaragua Spanish
NE Niger French
NG Nigeria English (Regional)
MP Northern Mariana Islands English
NO Norway Norwegian
OM Oman Arabic
PK Pakistan English (Regional)
PA Panama Spanish
PG Papua New Guinea English (Regional)
PY Paraguay Spanish
PE Peru Spanish
PH Philippines English (Regional)
PL Poland Polish
PT Portugal Portuguese (Portugal)
PR Puerto Rico Spanish
QA Qatar Arabic
RE Reunion English
RO Romania English
RU Russia Russian
RW Rwanda English (Regional)
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis English
LC Saint Lucia English
MF Saint Martin English
VC Saint Vincent and The Grenadines English
WS Samoa English
SM San Marino English
ST Sao Tome and Principe English
SA Saudi Arabia Arabic
SN Senegal French
RS Serbia English
SC Seychelles English
SL Sierra Leone English
SG Singapore English (Regional)
SK Slovakia English
SI Slovenia English
SB Solomon Islands English
SO Somalia Arabic
ZA South Africa English (Regional)
ES Spain Spanish
LK Sri Lanka English
SR Suriname English
SZ Swaziland English
SE Sweden Swedish
CH Switzerland German
SY Syria Arabic
TW Taiwan Chinese (Traditional)
TJ Tajikistan English
TZ Tanzania English (Regional)
TH Thailand English
TL Timor-leste English
TG Togo English
TO Tonga English
TT Trinidad and Tobago English
TN Tunisia Arabic
TR Turkey Turkish
TM Turkmenistan English
TC Turks and Caicos Islands English
UG Uganda English (Regional)
UA Ukraine Russian
AE United Arab Emirates Arabic
GB United Kingdom English (Regional)
US United States English
UY Uruguay Spanish
UZ Uzbekistan English
VU Vanuatu English
VE Venezuela Spanish
VN Vietnam English
VI Virgin Islands, U.S. English
EH Western Sahara English
YE Yemen Arabic
ZM Zambia English (Regional)
ZW Zimbabwe English (Regional)
Complete List of Languages
ar Arabic
zh Chinese
zh-TW Chinese (Traditional)
da Danish
nl Dutch
en English
en-CA English (Canada)
en-UK English (Regional)
fi Finnish
fr French
de German
id Indonesian
it Italian
ja Japanese
ko Korean
nb Norwegian
pl Polish
pt Portuguese
pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal)
ru Russian
es Spanish
sv Swedish
tr Turkish
uk Ukrainian