FatSecret Platform API Documentation

Storable Data

Per the Developer Terms of Service, you may not cache any user data for more than 24 hours, with the exception of information that is explicitly "storable indefinitely". Only the following parameters are storable indefinitely; all other information must be requested from FatSecret each time.

auth_secret Oauth secret key
auth_token Oauth key
exercise_id Unique exercise identifier
food_category_id Unique identifier of the food category entry
food_entry_id Unique identifier of the food diary entry
food_id Unique food identifier
recipe_id Unique recipe identifier
recipe_types This option filters by specified recipe types and should be provided as a comma separated string of recipe type names. The values are provided via the api: Recipe Types Get All
saved_meal_id Unique saved meal identifier
saved_meal_item_id Unique saved meal item identifier
serving_id Unique serving identifier