FatSecret Platform API Documentation


Common FatSecret Platform REST API request and response parameters. For further information, please refer to the individual endpoint documentation.

Unique Identifiers
exercise_id Long Unique exercise identifier
food_category_id Long Unique identifier of the food category entry
food_entry_id Long Unique identifier of the food diary entry
food_id Long Unique food identifier
recipe_id Long Unique recipe identifier
saved_meal_id Long Unique saved meal identifier
saved_meal_item_id Long Unique saved meal item identifier
serving_id Long Unique serving identifier
shift_from_id Long ID of the exercise type to shift from
shift_to_id Long ID of the exercise type to shift to
user_id String You can set your own ID for the newly created profile if you do not wish to store the auth_token and auth_secret
Common Nutrients
calories Decimal Energy content in kcal
carbohydrate Decimal Total carbohydrate content in grams
protein Decimal Protein content in grams
fat Decimal Total fat content in grams
saturated_fat Decimal Saturated fat content in grams (where available)
polyunsaturated_fat Decimal Polyunsaturated fat content in grams (where available)
monounsaturated_fat Decimal Monounsaturated fat content in grams (where available)
trans_fat Decimal Trans fat content in grams (where available)
cholesterol Decimal Cholesterol content in milligrams (where available)
sodium Decimal Sodium content in milligrams (where available)
potassium Decimal Potassium content in milligrams (where available)
fiber Decimal Fiber content in grams (where available)
sugar Decimal Sugar content in grams (where available)
added_sugars Decimal Added Sugars content in grams (where available)
vitamin_d Decimal Vitamin D content in micrograms (where available)
vitamin_a Decimal Vitamin A content in micrograms (where available)
vitamin_c Decimal Vitamin C content in milligrams (where available)
calcium Decimal Calcium content in milligrams (where available)
iron Decimal Iron content in milligrams (where available)