FatSecret Brand Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of companies or organizations should register for a FatSecret Brand Tools account?

FatSecret Brand Tools are useful for any branded food and/or beverage products company or organization to put your nutrition and related product information online and make it accessible and discoverable. This includes corporations with a multitude of brands (such as Kraft or Pepsi) or a single brand, restaurants and chains (such as McDonald's or Dunkin' Donuts) and supermarkets with private label or house/store brands (such as Trader Joe's or Kroger). No company or organization is to small (or big) to register for an account and start submitting, managing and sharing (entirely by choice) information about their products.

FatSecret Brand Tools are free and have global application. Companies and organizations around the world can register for an account and submit product information specifically for each geographic market where those products are available. So for example you can easily manage if some of your products are only available in certain US States and Canada or if they're available in the UK and Ireland.

How do I get an account?

You can submit a registration form for a FatSecret Brand Tools account for your organization.

How many products and brands can I submit?

You can submit as many products for as many food or beverage brands as you like for your organization.

I have submitted products for my brand but how can I get these published and make them accessible?

In order to publish products for your brand, you need to verify your account and organization which you can do from within FatSecret Brand Tools.

We classify our products by category/division rather than brand, can we enter our products this way?

For each of your brands you can establish your own attributes or fields to reflect your organization's product classification structure and hierarchy and use this to submit, manage, share and search your product information.

Can I determine my own product attributes or fields, are some required?

For all products there are a few required attributes or fields (such as a product name, an identifier and nutrition information per serving) but otherwise you are free to determine and describe your own structure for each of your brands. A few default groups of attributes or fields have been created (such as one for packaging details) that you can select to use to get started if you like and these attributes or fields can be edited or removed at any stage.

Can I update information once submitted?

Yes, there are simple tools to edit information for existing products and to submit new products, and a full version and audit history is maintained.

Can I import data to FatSecret Brand Tools?

Yes, in addition to the standard web based form, there is data import capability, including both manual and scheduled batch upload facilities, to enable you to populate FatSecret Brand Tools easily once you have established your brand attribute or field structure. The data import facility can also be used to update or edit existing products. The data import facility can handle a variety of file formats.

What are FatSecret Brand Tools controls and security measures?

There are considerable controls built in to the FatSecret Brand Tools including account verification, role based authentication and security measures, controls over publishing, full versioning and audit history and preservation of historical data.

Can I use FatSecret Brand Tools for our organization's internal purposes?

Yes, you can freely use the FatSecret Brand Tools for your own internal purposes and even provide access to 3rd parties as you see fit.

How will the information submitted to FatSecret Brand Tools be used?

FatSecret Brand Tools dovetail with the FatSecret Platform API, a free and open API that provides developers with access to published data from FatSecret Brand Tools. Using the FatSecret Platform API, developers (and content publishers) are accessing and incorporating all published information from FatSecret Brand Tools to build powerful and innovative food and nutrition related products and services on a range of platforms. Only information submitted that you choose to publish will be accessible so that you can restrict availability to a selected set or certain types of information.

What are the terms governing information submitted?

The Terms of Use govern how the information submitted may be used and include terms covering intellectual property rights, health related information and product information accuracy.

Can I remove my organization and my product data from FatSecret Brand Tools?

Yes, you retain full control over your product data which can be removed and/or archived from FatSecret Brand Tools.

Where is the future for FatSecret Brand Tools?

FatSecret Brand Tools are new and we'll be listening to feedback from brand owners as we iterate with enhancements and improvements as fast and smartly as we can. We'll do our best to keep you informed on any progress and please contact us to know what you're thinking.

What is the FatSecret Platform?

The FatSecret Platform currently consists of the FatSecret Platform API, a free and open API for developers to access and utilize nutrition and related product data and FatSecret Brand Tools, a set of tools for brand owners to submit, manage and share nutrition and related product information. The aim of the FatSecret Platform is to organize and make accessible reliable and accurate product nutrition information so consumers can make informed choices.