Canvas - food.get


Displays the nutritional information for a given food, with common serving sizes and other foods that this food is frequently eaten with. The food can be added (or modified) to your Food Diary.


Figure 1: the food.get canvas

Default Navigation Section

Food Diary

Requires Authentication



Name Description
foodtitle The name of the food
nutritionpanel The nutrition panel for the selected food, quantity and serving
search A search input text box for performing food searches
servingdescription The selected quantity and serving of the food. E.G.: 100g
servingentry A form to select the quantity and serving and allows the food to be saved to the Food Diary
servingselector A list of common serving sizes for the selected food

Optional setCanvas Parameters

Name Type Description
food_id Int The ID of the food to retrieve.

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Figure 2: the food.get canvas dissected
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