Welcome to the FatSecret Platform JavaScript API

The FatSecret Platform API provides a suite of nutrition, exercise and weight management features that can easily be embedded in your web pages with JavaScript.
We've made it as easy as adding a single line of JavaScript toyour web pages to get a full, integrated application working for your site, together with a variety of functions and utilities for configuring and adjusting style, layout and presentation of the application on your web pages, and mechanisms for enabling deep integration with your existing website members and your site.
An "out of the box" FatSecret Platform API application incorporates the following features:
  • a summary of food, exercise and weight activity
  • integrated food and nutrition search and detailed results
  • a food diary - for planning and tracking foods eaten
  • an activity diary - to estimate and record energy utilization for various exercises
  • a weight chart and journal - to set goals and track progress
Note that you can choose which of these features to include in your application by including a few lines of JavaScript.
Figure 1: FatSecret Platform API application in the gray theme
The easiest way to start using the FatSecret Platform API is to include the API in your page using a script tag, and let the platform take care of loading the full application suite on your page. For more information, please see the Quick Start guide.
A variety of more advanced uses are also available. These include:
You can find examples of these in the sample code documentation.
Have a need for an additional feature?
No problem! You can integrate with the FatSecret Platform REST API to develop extra features or expand on the current set - the possibilities are endless.
So what are you waiting for? You can provide a powerful total food and diet web application to your audience in a matter of minutes!
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