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In addition to the FatSecret Platform JavaScript API, we also provide a REST-like API that allows developers to integrate FatSecret Platform features into their applications. The REST API can be used to build nutrition, diet and weight management solutions on any platform, including desktop client applications and mobile device solutions, and can be used with the JavaScript API to enable deep profile integration between a Platform application and a web site’s own authentication or to augment a JavaScript API application with additional features or functionality.
In order to start using the REST API please register for an account. Once you've registered you'll be able to attain an Application Consumer Key and associated Consumer Secret in order to start making calls to the API.
Authentication is central to the FatSecret REST API (we support both the OAuth Core 2.0 protocol and OAuth Core 1.0 protocol) so please take some time to read our guide to Authentication. Once you get your head around authentication you are ready to begin.
Be sure to also check out the FatSecret Platform JavaScript API. It's only one line of code to embed into your web page and you're off and running!
We look forward to seeing how you use the FatSecret REST API.
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