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Conducts a search of the food database using the search expression specified. The results are paginated according to a zero-based "page" offset. Successive pages of results may be retrieved by specifying a starting page offset value. For instance, specifying a max_results of 10 and page_number of 4 will return results numbered 41-50.

Passing an oauth_token (i.e.: a logged in user token) is optional. Where the oauth_token is specified, search results will be refined according to the user's prior saved food entries.

The only storable values returned by this call are the food_id unique food identifiers of each food matching the search expression.

Changing Search Result Description Formatting (Premier Only):

An additional optional parameter named generic_description is available to premier clients only. This parameter, of type String, may have a value of either "weight" or "portion":
  • weight (default) - the summary description for key nutritional values is displayed by weight (typically 100g); E.G.: "Per 100g"
  • portion - the summary description for key nutritional values is displayed using the default portion size; E.G.: "Per 1 Cup"
Note that the summary nutrition description for "Brand" food items is always shown using a "portion" based description.

Localization (Premier Only):

Two additional optional parameters named region and language are available to premier clients. More information can be found in the Localization guide.



Name Type Description
oauth_consumer_key String Your API key when you registered as a developer
oauth_signature_method String The method used to generate the signature (only HMAC-SHA1 is supported)
oauth_timestamp Int The date and time, expressed in the number of seconds since January 1, 1970 00:00:00 GMT. The timestamp value must be a positive integer and must be equal or greater than the timestamp used in previous requests
oauth_nonce String A randomly generated string for a request that can be combined with the timestamp to produce a unique value
oauth_version String MUST be "1.0"
oauth_signature String The signature, a consistent reproducible concatenation of the request elements into a single string. The string is used as an input in hashing or signing algorithms.
method String MUST be ""


Name Type Description
format String The desired response format. Valid reponse formats are "xml" or "json" (default value is "xml").
oauth_token String The key of the profile to use.
search_expression String The search expression to match on food names.
page_number Int The zero-based offset into the results for the query. Use this parameter with max_results to request successive pages of search results (default value is 0).
max_results Int The maximum number of results to return (default value is 20). This number cannot be greater than 50.


The food elements returned are those best matching the search expression specified, ordered by their relevancy to the search expression.

The general information returned is:

  • max_results is an Int – the maximum size of a page of results.
  • total_results is an Int – the total number of search results matching the search expression.
  • page_number is an Int – the zero-based offset into the results for the query.

Each food element contains summary information about the food item as follows:

  • food_id – the unique food identifier.
  • food_name – the name of the food, not including the brand name. E.G.: "Instant Oatmeal".
  • food_type – takes the value "Brand" or "Generic". Indicates whether the food is a brand or generic item – see food_type
  • brand_name – the brand name, only when food_type is "Brand". E.G.: "Quaker".
  • food_url – URL of this food item on
  • food_description – A summary description of key nutritional values for a nominated serving size.

Example Return XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<foods xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">
        <food_name>Plain French Toast</food_name>
        <food_description>Per 342g - Calories: 835kcal | Fat: 32.28g | Carbs: 105.43g | Protein: 29.41g</food_description>

Example Return JSON

{ "foods": {"food": {"food_description": "Per 342g - Calories: 835kcal | Fat: 32.28g | Carbs: 105.43g | Protein: 29.41g", "food_id": "4384", "food_name": "Plain French Toast", "food_type": "Generic", "food_url": "http:\/\/\/calories-nutrition\/generic\/french-toast-plain" }, "max_results": "20", "page_number": "0", "total_results": "228" }}

Error Code

Code Description
2 Missing required oauth parameter: "<detail>"
3 Unsupported oauth parameter: "<detail>"
4 Invalid signature method: "<detail>"
5 Invalid consumer key: "<detail>"
6 Invalid/expired timestamp: "<detail>"
7 Invalid/used nonce: "<detail>"
8 Invalid signature: "<detail>"
9 Invalid access token: "<detail>"
107 Value out of range: "<detail>"
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